I found number of words that we rarely use and didn't know theirs meaning. So I had to open new tab and search it. So I suggest you to describe the meaning of the word and attach an image related to it. I know it will need much extra effort but I think it's important. Thank you.
Author Thumb Suraj shared this idea   02 Apr, 2020

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Author Thumb admin Nate commented.   03 Apr, 2020
@Setg - please click the vote button then. The suggestions with the most votes get the best chance of being implemented.
Author Thumb Setg commented.   03 Apr, 2020
i like it!
Author Thumb admin Nate commented.   02 Apr, 2020
Great idea thanks!
Author Thumb Suraj commented.   02 Apr, 2020
It will also help for the users who don't understand English

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