Add the second syllabary (katakana) to the Japanese random tool. :)
If i find all inspirational quest in one page it will be perfect. Thank you for reading my message.
"starts with" option for some nice alliteration
length/syllable limit maybe?
For the Random Word Generator, I suggest that you add Past Tenses, Past Participle, Adverbs, and Comparative and Superlative (-er/-ier, -est/-iest) Adjectives with the Verbs, Nouns, and Adjectives.
The Apocrypha was originally included in the King James Version of the Bible. It would be nice to make it available to the Bible verse generator.
For instance, for inclusion: If I wanted to generate a random verse from psalms and proverbs, It would be nice to checkmark those books from a list, to include them in randomization, those left blank will not be included.

Secondly, as an example of exclusion: If I wanted to randomize the entire bibl [...] See More
If you can get hold of many book content databases, it would be really cool if we can see a random quote from a random book with a click.
No Status
Have a list of ALL books on Amazon, and let us have random book picks. Also, let us be able to narrow down the database by choosing a topic or genre.
Basically, the feature would give a random word, then 2-3 questions afterwards where users type their answers. The questions would be to help you brainstorm; for example, the first question might be "What related words or ideas come to mind when you see ?", then the second question might be "What ca [...] See More
I found number of words that we rarely use and didn't know theirs meaning. So I had to open new tab and search it. So I suggest you to describe the meaning of the word and attach an image related to it. I know it will need much extra effort but I think it's important. Thank you.
... for integration with other people's programs
Lets you create combinations of the other random generators.
"The {noun} {verb,tense:past} {adverb}" ==> "The management followed obviously"
"Operation {adjective} {noun}" ==>"Operation relevant family"